The bus driver

From a young age I realized I needed novels, TV shows, poetry and music to survive. I had questions about the world and my existence. I still do. It has been my life’s quest to find answers. Plagued with doubts, driven by life circumstances, I remain motivated.

Eventually I took my questions to seminaries, working on a degree that took many years to complete. merges the two streams. It is written like a book, chapter by chapter, for better sequencing of topics. In this age of quick dips, this may frustrate you. If anything, drives a slow bus that requires patience and perseverance to keep going.

Before COVID-19 hit I planned this as a group experience. When things begin to open up, if you find anything of value here, there is a lot to be said for gathering a group and getting on the bus together; reading the books, watching the movies, sharing food, and taking as long as you need before moving on to the next chapter. There is more I hope to add.

The choices I make reflect my education and biases, my gender, my race, my creed, where and when I was born. Though I have tried to include a variety of voices, there are many more that could be added to each section. I hope you will make it your own by sharing what speaks to you. May your quest find a home here.

Debra Mathers